The Process of Reviewing Articles

 | Post date: 2017/01/18 | 

When articles are submitted to the journal they are considered in the editorial board first, then are classified according to the subject matters and priorities of the journal into the four groups: accepted, rejected, those requiring substantial revision and those requiring minor revision. Based on the subject of articles, they are sent for double-blind peer reviewing to 3 referees within the same field of research.

The reviewers evaluate each article by taking into account its abstract, structure, conclusion, and key words, and also, the contents relevance to the title, the relationship between main sections of the article, content coherence, observation of research principles especially after the methodology section, grammar of writing, the author’s ability in argumentation and developing of the material, the status of citations, the novelty of the topics and contents of the articles, organization of the table of contents and bibliographies, and the literature review.

After articles are reviewed, the scientific sub-editor collects and studies the reviewers’ comments. Then articles may be returned to the authors to apply required corrections.  When the author makes corrections the articles are sent to the scientific sub-editor once again to review the corrections. After the final approval for publishing, abstracts in English are sent to the English language editor. Then the articles are sent to the editor-in-chief for final consideration and approval. The editor-in-chief forwards the articles, with some comments, if necessary, to the managing editor, scientific editor or even the author for doing some corrections. Having the corrections done the articles are sent to the managing director for final approval.

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