Aims & Scopes & Ethical guidelines

The Journal of Ardabil Nursing and Midwifery Faculty is the official scientific quarterly and peer-reviewed publication of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences. The journal aims to motivate and enhance and help to develop nursing and midwifery body of knowledge. It serves nursing and midwifery researchers, educators and practitioners who are interested in theoretical or applied aspects of their proffession. Journal of Ardabil Nursing and Midwifery Faculty accepts Original Papers, Review Articles, Short Communications, Letters to the Editor, and Case Reports in a broad range of areas including basic science and medicine.
Journal of Health and Care is a scientific journal which publishes novel research results in all 
Nursing, Health Management, Nursing Education, Nursing Policies, Nursing Ethics, Nursing Care, Special Nursing Care, Elderly

Midwifery, Ethics in Midwifery, Maternal and Child Health, Health and Adolescence, Marriage Advice and Sanitation, Sexual Health and Family Planning, Health Care, Women and Midwifery, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Men's Health and Old Age, Midwifery (Forensic Medicine, Midwifery counseling ...), Sociologist Midwifery, Epidemiology of Female Diseases

Public health, Health education and health promotion, Community health, Epidemiology of diseases

Ethical guidelines : Ethical considerations must be addressed in the Materials and Methods section.
1) Please state that informed consent was obtained from all human adult participants and from the parents or legal guardians . Include the name of the appropriate institutional review board that approved the project.
2) Indicate in the text that the maintenance and care of experimental animals complies with National Institutes of Health guidelines for the humane use of laboratory animals, or those of your Institute or agency.

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